J Street Buzz – The Cone Of Silence

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J Street Buzz – The Cone Of Silence

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J Street Buzz – The Hostage Situation

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Avoiding “Support” Scams

Heads up to everyone – we had a client contact us that they had received a phone call from “Microsoft”.  The caller told our client that they could see that the client’s network was not secure and instructed our client to go to a web meeting site so the caller could “help”.

Luckily our client thought this sounded fishy and hung up on the  caller!  Guess what – THE SCAMMER CALLED BACK!  Our client hung up AGAIN and promptly contacted us to verify that this was a scam, and once we had confirmed that this was a BIG SCAM, she also reported the incident to Microsoft.

So we just wanted to remind everyone to assume that when anyone – and we mean ANYONE – calls or emails you that there is something wrong with your computer/network/credit card, IRS tax filings, etc. – assume it is a scam and DO NOT give the person any information.  Get their call back number and research that number online – you will find that it is a known scammer.

Here is a link to a REAL Microsoft article on the subject as well: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/safety/online-privacy/avoid-phone-scams.aspx

J Street Buzz – Guess That Acronym




Armen’s Thoughts article: What Do You Want?

Armen’s Thoughts article: What Do You Want?

Developer Download: Report Selection Techniques

Two different examples of a pop-up report selection criteria form. This technique is great for allowing the user to choose which records will appear on a report, without using parameter queries. Other report techniques (like hiding and showing report sections) are shown also. Access MDBs and PowerPoint presentation, 800k.


Access Developers Conference in Vienna, Austria

Access in Vienna is only 2 weeks away! If you haven’t registered yet, be sure to do it soon!

For more details visit http://jstreettech.com/accessday.aspx

Developer Download: Access-SQL Server Optimization

The Best of Both Worlds: Access-SQL Server Optimization


Access can be used to build great front-end applications for SQL Server databases, as long as you know how to optimize for performance. This slide deck shows you the basics of using Access as a client-server application so that you can leverage the full power of SQL Server while retaining the techniques you have learned in Access. PowerPoint, 379K.

Developer Downloads: Access Security Basics

Access Security Basics: http://www.jstreettech.com/files/AccessSecurityBasics.pps

Access User Level Security (ULS) has been deprecated for the ACCDB file format, but many people are still using ULS for their legacy Access MDB applications. Here is a PowerPoint slide deck that Armen Stein, President of J Street and Access MVP, has presented to Access user groups. It describes various approaches for securing an Access database with ULS, with some common mistakes that developers often make and tips to avoid them. PowerPoint file, 139k.

J Street Case Study: Bellevue Botanical Garden

We design and create a LOT of databases for a variety of clients and we end up with some really interesting projects!

One of these is the database for Bellevue Botanical Garden.  We built a custom database allows everyone to search and explore their garden online!  Check out the Case Study here.