Access Day – Meet The Presenter – Luke Chung

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We are excited that Luke Chung will be presenting at Access Day Redmond, WA in November!

Learn more about Luke at

CartGenie Tip: Enable Auto Cart Display

The Enable Auto Cart Display controls the display of items in the Place Order Here box according to item availability.  In order to use this feature the merchant must utilize the Inventory Manager to accurately control the quantity on hand (QOH).  When the QOH is greater than zero the item will be displayed in the Place Order Here box.  When the QOH reaches zero the item will no longer be displayed in the Place Order Here box.


Access Day – Meet The Presenter – Andy Tabisz


We are pleased to have Andy Tabisz as a presenter at Access Day Redmond, WA on Thursday, November 6, 2014!

CartGenie Tip: Shipping/Handling Fee

The Shipping/Handling Fee is the amount that will be added to all orders.  The fee is included in the Shipping & Handling amount charged to the customer.

To enable this feature one the Profile Manager in CartGenie Desktop Engine.  Add the fee to the Shipping/Handling Fee field and click Save:ShippingHandling

CartGenie Tip: Enable Express Ordering

The Enable Express Order feature allows the merchant to display a page that allows the shopper to add multiple items to their cart at one time.


When set to Yes, a link to the Express Order page will be displayed at the top of the Product List page as well as in the Place Order Here box:



Access Day Redmond WA Welcomes Jeff Conrad


We are pleased to announce that Jeff Conrad will be presenting at Access Day in Redmond, WA Thursday, November 6, 2014!

Jeff will speak about Access Web Apps Inside Out.

To learn more about Access Day, Jeff Conrad, and our other presenters, please visit

Access Day is Coming to Redmond, WA!

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Attending the Microsoft MVP Global Summit?  Don’t forget to join us Thursday, November 6, 2014 in Redmond, WA for Access Day!

CartGenie Tip: Enable Cart Quick Order

The Enable Cart Quick Order field allows the merchant to display an Add to Cart button on the Product List page.


To enable this field, log in to CartGenie Desktop Engine and go to the Profile Manager.



CartGenie Tip: Catalog Layout Options Field

The Catalog Layout Options field in the Profile Manager allows the store owner to display a select box on the Product List page that allow the shopper to control the layout of the catalog.  To utilize this feature, enter numbers separated by commas.  A zero refers to List Mode (Vertical Display), one refer to Table Mode, while every value greater than one refers to Grid Mode (Horizontal Display).  For example, entering 0,1, 2,3,4 would give the shopper the following options: List, Table, Grid 2, Grid 3, Grid 4



CartGenie Tip: Display Check Availability Field

The Check Availability field in the CartGenie Desktop Engine Profile Manager enables you to control who has the ability to check product availability on your Web site.  Visitors can view availability by selecting the “Check Availability” list box on the main product information page.

No – The Check Availability box is never displayed to any users.

Yes – Wholesale Only – The Check Availability box is displayed for customers who receive wholesale pricing.

Yes – Wholesale/Retail – The Check Availability box is displayed for all customers.

* Note – this feature is used in conjunction with the inventory feature.


When inventory levels are added to the Product Manager for that item (and in that location) the Check Availability box will display on the product page and allows customers to see where the items are available: