CartGenie Tip: Order Detail Sort

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You can customize the sort order in which line items for an order are displayed within the the Order Detail of the Order Manager as well as the  Pick List, Invoice, and Accounting Receipt by using the Order Detail Sort interface.  Click the Order Detail Sort button within the Order Manager and use the Sort and Direction columns to control the sequence of line items.  For example, if you wanted to sort by Category and then Sub-Category you would enter a 1 beside Category and a 2 beside Sub-Category.


Access Day is Tomorrow!

We are very excited to host the 2nd Access Day conference tomorrow in Irvine, CA!  Looking forward to seeing new faces and discussing Access – see you there!


Website Design Tip: Custom Landing Page

CartGenie and hosting clients:  You can dictate what page your site will land on when someone types in your URL by making this change in your Hosting Control Panel:

Login to WebstePanel control panel (, hover on the Web icon, click Web Sites, then select your site’s name.

In the Default Documents box you will see a list of possible landing page options.  When a customer types in your URL, your site will look for these page names (in order) in your files.  Once a valid page is found, that page is loading as the landing page for your site.

Verify that the name of your primary landing page is listed at the top of the list.

Note- if a customer types in your URL and a specific page name (such as, they will be taken to the default.asp page even though there may be other pages listed higher in Web Site Settings.


CartGenie Merchat Showcase: Dakota Steel Art

Beautiful wind spinners from – just in time for spring!

CartGenie Merchant Dakota Steel Art is a small town business with a big inventory!  After the elementary school closed in Mantador, North Dakota, a town of about 60 people, Ray Zajac saw an opportunity to keep the town alive and purchased the building to house his growing company.

DSA moved into the building in April 2007 and after many renovations they now house over 300 designs of Wind Spinners, have their own custom framing department and employ 10 people.

All  Wind Spinners are laser cut, made of 18 gauge 400 Series Stainless Steel, and are backed by DSA’s Lifetime Guarantee not to rust.  Check out their selection of Wind Spinners at!



CartGenie Tip – Adding Users

CartGenie allows you to set up individual user access for each of your employees.  This allows you to give access to different modules within CartGenie Desktop Engine.


In CartGenie Desktop Engine, go to Users> Add User Account.  In the Admin Manager populate the User fields and set the Access Rights to each module.  Click Save and you are done!

Access Day 2014 – April 16th – Irvine, CA

One week until the Access Day 2014 – Irvine, CA conference!  We are excited to host this event and can’t wait to hear from our talented presenters!  This upcoming conference will take place on Wednesday, April 16, 2014 in Irvine, CA.


Presenters include Alison Balter, Kevin Bell, George Young, Tom van Stiphout, and Armen Stein.

Access Day is a one-day conference for Access developers and advanced users who want to learn ways to make their applications more powerful and develop Access solutions for the web. This conference will be held at The Microsoft Technology Center in Irvine, CA, which is close to many hotels.

For more details, or to register, please visit


CartGenie Tip: Promotions & Discount Codes

CartGenie allows you to create multiple promo codes so you  can offer discounts to your customers in many ways!  Promotion codes can be structured for a set dollar amount or as a percentage, and you get to control the purchase minimum and expiration date of any promotion.

Once you have set up your promotions, distribute the code to your customers.  Your customers can enter the code on the shopping cart page of your site in the Promo Code box during checkout (be sure you have the “Display Promo Box” field in the the Profile Manager set to “Yes”).

In CartGenie Desktop Engine, go to Commerce> More> Promotions and select either “$ Discounts” or “% Discounts”:

PROMO CODE: The Promo Code is a unique identification for the promotion.

Example: A code called XMAS03 could be used to represent Christmas 2003.

PROMO DESCRIPTION: The Promo Description is the name of the actual promotion.  The promo description is visible to customers once they enter the code in the Promo Code box of the shopping cart page.

Example: Code XMAS03 might have a description of “Christmas 2003 10% Discount”


Promo Amount Field (In “$ Discounts” only) – Stores a fixed dollar amount to be discounted off of the order.  The amount must be entered as a negative.

Promo Percent (In “% Discounts” only) – Stores a percentage discount to be discounted off of the order.  The percentage must be entered as a negative.

PURCHASE MINIMUM: The Purchase Minimum is the amount that must be purchased in order to receive the discount.

Example: $100.00 means that the customer must purchase at least $100.00 in order to receive the discount.  The Web site will not allow the discount to occur unless the Purchase Minimum is achieved.

EXPIRATION DATE: The Expiration Date is the date that the promotion ends.  The system will not allow the discount to be taken after the expiration date.


CartGenie Tip: Backorder Report

Using the CartGenie Backorder Report you can see all of your orders and items that are on backorder.

To review your Backorder Report, open CartGenie Desktop Engine and go to Orders> Back Orders:


CartGenie Merchant Showcase:

CartGenie Merchant uses the New Products feature available in the Profile Manager.


The New Products page dynamically displays a list of categories and sub-categories where new products have been added to CartGenie within the past 30 days.  This is a dynamic feature, which means no action is required by the CartGenie administrator in order to determine which products are considered new.

When the field is set to Yes, a link called New Products will appear in the top Navigation Bar which takes the user to the New Products page.  When set to No, the link will not be displayed.



CartGenie Tip: Customization Manager

The CartGenie Desktop Engine Customization Manager allows you to define certain aspects of your site in just a few clicks!

In the Customization Manager you can add images to your top nav and left nav menus, add custom Order Checkout fields, define the width and height of your storefront, and a lot more: