J Street SQL Tools

imagesqlHave you ever wanted a simple way to modify part of a SQL Statement in your VBA code? With these J Street functions, you can easily replace the Where and Order By clauses of any SQL Statement. This enables you to reuse query definitions, manipulate rowsource properties, and use passthrough queries with more flexibility. Leave the main part of the query unchanged – just change the selection and sorting! We use these routines in every Access application we build. Just paste the VBA text into a new Module named basJStreetSQLTools. Text file, 3K.


How to Choose the Right Development Team

how-we-workThe whole process of finding a developer can be paralyzing. How do you even start? Search Google? For what? Software developer; application developer; web developer; database developer? That’ll net you a huge list for sure, but then what? How do you choose the right developer? The whole prospect can feel like a crapshoot; one made all the more perilous when you consider that giant stack of chips riding on your choice.

At J Street Technology, we’ve been working with clients for over 20 years. In that time, we’ve developed some recommendations on the topic. We hope you find our checklist useful: http://jstreettech.com/how-to-choose.aspx

Free Developer Download: Customizable Reports

Did you know that J Street offers FREE downloads for our fellow developers? If you use a download for commercial purposes all we ask is that you keep the J Street Technology references in the code.

Customizable Reports:
This is a great way to provide custom reports to your users without spending a lot of development time. Allows selection and ordering of report sections, with the ability to save the layouts for others to use. Includes an article in Word and a sample database, 388k. :


9 Signs that an Amateur Built Your Access Application




Why Fixed Bid Software Projects Are a Bad Idea

Spoiler alert – the title says how we feel! Armen takes you through the reasons.




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Internet Renewal Services SCAM


A J Street team member received this letter and although we immediately knew that this was a scam, it got us thinking about how many people may believe that this is REAL.  We wanted to help get the word out to everyone of this SCAM so share this far and wide!

This is a pretty good scam, too.  The letter is well structured with proper grammar and spelling.  We polled some friends – someone noticed that the business’s initials spelled IRS!  Great scare tactic to entice unsuspecting receivers to pay or endure the wrath of the IRS!  The letter also states (multiple times) that FAILURE to pay would result in the removal of the company from search engine directories – quite the threat to a business owner.  And notice all of the images of valid search engines – Google, YouTube, Bing, etc. at the bottom of the letter.  These scammers did their homework.

Shame on you, “Internet Renewal Services”, registered in Panama, with a mailing address in Spokane Valley, WA, and whose website is a single page that just displays their “business” name.

Please share this with all of your friends so no one falls for this scam!

Back To School Supply Drive

schoolsuppliesIt’s time for back to school shopping and here at J Street we have started a school supply drive to help an elementary school give its students a little extra assistance. We have chosen Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary in Seattle to provide extra supplies they need to have a great year. We are inviting you to help us in this effort.

We will be collecting supplies here at J Street Technology to deliver before their start date of Sept. 7th. If you would like to join us, feel free to either drop supplies here Monday-Friday between 10am and 4pm or send a small financial donation via check or PayPal (sales@jstreettech.com) and Jenn will be happy to purchase supplies on your behalf. To make the pot even sweeter J Street Technology will match your donation! So for every box of pencils or crayons you donate, you’re actually donating two!

Click here to find a list of supplies that are needed at MLK JR elementary.

If you aren’t able to help us in our back to school drive, we highly encourage you to make a donation to your local school. Sleep Train is also hosting a school supply drive for foster kids.

Having the tools to learn can make a big difference in a child’s future!

The Beginning

The FIRST invoice (back when J Street was Armen Stein Consulting).  Over 22 years and still going strong!


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