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J Street Buzz – Goin’ Old School

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J Street Buzz – March 2016 Edition

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CartGenie is Being Decommissioned

After over 12 years of providing our CartGenie e-commerce service, we have made the difficult decision to discontinue it. Over the years the e-commerce market has consolidated and technology has advanced, and maintaining and supporting CartGenie is no longer viable.

For complete details including other cart options, please visit http://www.cartgenie.com/.

Armen Stein
President, J Street Technology

CartGenie Tip: Display Price field

The Display Price field in the Product Manager controls whether the Current and Regular price are visible throughout the storefront for visitors who receive retail pricing.

* It is always displayed for visitors who are logged in and have been given a wholesale price level. *

When set to Yes, prices will be displayed.  When set to No, the prices will not be displayed.


CartGenie Tip: What is the Display Cart field in the Product Manager

The Display Cart field controls whether the “Add to Shopping Cart” button is visible on the main product information page.

When set to No, the Add to Shopping-Cart button will not be displayed.  When set to “Yes – Wholesale/Retail” it is displayed for wholesale and retail price levels.  When set to “Yes – Wholesale Only” it is only displayed for shoppers who are assigned a wholesale price level.



CartGenie Tip: What is the Copy button?

The Copy button enables you to quickly create a new product with the information from an existing product. The new product name will be named “Copy (time stamp) Original Product Name”.

* Note: The Copy Product feature creates a product and features from an existing product.  It does not create item numbers, prices, or specs.


CartGenie Tip: What is the Business Account field under Payment Method Options?

When checked, the Business Account field gives the specified customer the option of having their order billed to their business account with your company.  During checkout, they will be prompted whether they wish to pay by credit card or have it billed to their business account.  If they select their business account, the Order Manager will display Bill Business Account in the Bill Information section.


CartGenie Merchant Showcase: ShopCoastPro.com

Please help us in welcoming the newest member to the CartGenie family – ShopCoastPro.com!

Since it’s inception in 1937, Watsonville Coast Produce, Inc. has prided itself on delivering produce of the highest quality and best value to our customers.  This philosophy has helped them grow into a regional industry leader, distributing a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables throughout California.