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Scammers And Hackers: On The Prowl

During this trying time, not only do we have to worry about the pandemic, the economy, and our friends and family, scammers and hackers are doubling (tripling?) their efforts to get a hold of your valuable information.

Simple and/or passwords that are used for multiple accounts are a favorite way for these scoundrels to get your private data.

Here are some helpful tips to help keep you safe from accidentally giving away your private information via electronic communication:

  1. Use very secure passwords by using capital and lowercase letters, numbers, AND special characters in each password.
  2. DO NOT reuse passwords.  Once a hacker gets a password to one account the likelihood of them trying that password on other accounts goes way up..
  3. Store ALL passwords in a safe, locked location such as Password Safe, Dashlane, Keeper, or similar password protector software. Hint: a list of passwords stored in Notepad on your local machine is NOT secure…
  4. DO NOT send usernames/passwords in text format via email. 
  5. Review the REAL email address, even from a trusted source before opening attachments, by (1) right clicking on the person’s name, (2) click the down arrow on the popup and then (3) reviewing the email address shown (see screenshot above).
  6. Even if you receive an email from a reliable source that appears legit:
    1. If there is an attachment be sure you know it was coming your way.
    2. That the vernacular is in that person’s normal way of speaking.

These precautions will help protect you from unintentionally giving access to people who do not have your best interests at heart…

Stay safe out there!

Access Day Canceled

Out of an abundance of caution with the COVID-19 virus, Access Day March 19 2020 is canceled. Paid registrants will receive full refunds within a week. If you are not already on our Access Day email list, let us know and we’ll send you updates about future events.

Another Phishing Attempt

The “originality” that scammers use to try to get people to click on their emails…

Nope, this doesn’t look phishy at all!

Beware of False Microsoft Emails!

At first glance, this email looks legit. There is the Microsoft logo. All the words are spelled correctly and proper grammar format is followed..

But hover on the “update subscriptions” and you’ll see the where that fateful “click” will take you… and it isn’t to Microsoft!

Always beware when clicking on links in emails, even if you think the email came from a trusted source. A simple 2 second hover on the link will reveal the true URL and could save you time and heartache!

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Testimonial – Commercial Brokers Association

Wow. It’s so rewarding to get a testimonial like this! We love working with you too, Mary!

“If you have the chance to work with Armen Stein and the amazing folks at J Street Technology, stop thinking about it and just do it! You won’t regret your decision.

The Commercial Brokers Association has worked with Armen and his amazing team of application developers on numerous engagements over the past eight years. Each and every time they have treated us as true partners and delivered a superior product.

Aside from the fact that they are great developers who know their stuff, perhaps the most important strength of the team is their listening and communications skills. They take the time to map out the full scope of work from soup to nuts, make sure they fully understand the product, the end user, and our requirements, then come back to us with suggestions for improvements that we haven’t even considered.

The whole J Street team is simply stellar; they are approachable, organized, think critically, and produce excellent work. They are always open to receiving constructive feedback — and then deliver on what we’ve asked for in an elegant and thoughtful way.”

Mary Lyell Larsen
SVP, Research and Customer Service
Commercial Brokers Association

SVP, Research and Customer ServiceCommercial Brokers Association

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