CartGenie Merchant Showcase: Ancient Healing


Practitioners Dennis Bell and Elaine Tretter both hold the degree Master of Oriental Medicine and are certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture   and Oriental Medicine as Diplomats in Oriental  Medicine.

“Our philosophy is to view the human body with great respect, recognizing that it has the infinite ability to rejuvenate and to recover. Symptoms of a disease are considered as messages from the body. By evaluating these signs and symptoms, we can successfully determine the root cause of a disease and effectively treat our clients unique disease patterns as defined by Traditional Chinese Medicine.”


Access Day Denver, CO Presenter Line-up


We are pleased to have such a talented line-up of presenters for our upcoming Access Day in Denver (October 8, 2014):

Alison Balter: Topic: Power Tips for Access Forms and Reports

Kevin Bell: Topic: Lifecycle of an Access 2013 Web App

Andy Tabisz: Topic: A Real, Live, Working 2013 Web App

Armen Stein: Topic: Great Database Design

George Young: Topic: Access Web Apps – Okay, Now What?


There is still time to register for this informative one day event, so don’t delay!

CartGenie Tip: Adding Multiple Images to a Product Page

Q: What is the Image Description field in the Image Manager?

A: The Image Manager enables you to add additional images to the product information page of your Web site.  When you enter additional images, links to the images are displayed below the main product image.   When a customer clicks on a link, a pop-up window opens and displays the image.

The Image Description is the text that you wish to display in the link.  You can also display a thumbnail of the image by placing “t_” (without the “”) in front of the image name.  For example, if your image name is MyImageName.jpg, in the description field you would enter t_MyImageName.jpg.


Q: What is the Image Name field in the Image Manager

A: The Image Name is the actual name of the image.  The image must be stored in the /CartGenie/Images/ Small, Medium, or Large folder of your Web site.  Whether these images are stored in the Small, Medium, or Large folder is determined by the settings in the PageConfig.asp page located in your remote files.



CartGenie Tip: Changing the Price Level for a Customer

The Account Manager enables you to create an account for a customer or modify an account.

To change the price level for a customer, open the Account Manager and select the customer from the Search box.  Change the price level under the Account Information section and click the Save button.AccountManagerPriceLevel

Access Day Events Filling Fast! Oct. 8, 2014 (Denver, CO) & Nov. 6, 2014 (Redmond, WA)


Our two upcoming Access Day events are filling fast, so be sure to register soon!

Oct. 8, 2014 (Denver, CO)

Presenters: Alison Balter, Kevin Bell, George Young, Andy Tabisz and Armen Stein.

Nov. 6, 2014 (Redmond, WA)

Presenters: Luke Chung, Tim Getsch, and Armen Stein.


For more information on these upcoming Access Day events, please visit

CartGenie Tip: Creating Categories

CartGenie uses a hierarchical structured to organize products.  At the top of the hierarchy is a Category.

Q: What is the Sort field in the Category Manager

A: The Sort Field controls the order in which a Category will be listed in the Left Navigation bar of the Web site


Q: What is the Group field in the Category Manager?

A: The Group field enables you to classify categories into sections within the left navigation bar.  When a group name is entered, the name will be displayed as a header above the first category in the group.  

* Note – The Group field is optional.  If the group is left blank, the word Browse will be displayed as the default group name in the left navigation bar.


Q: What is the Category Name field in the Category Manager?

A: The Category Name should be a one or two word name that broadly defines a set of products.  A category must be created before a product can be created.

Examples: Bicycles, Clothing, Music


Q: What is the Category Description field?

A: The Category Description field enables you to add a description of the Category that will be displayed on the sub-category page.

In order to display a description, enter the description using in the Description field of the Category Manager.


Q: What is the Group Navbar Image?

A: The Group Navbar Image allows you to use an image in the left navigation bar to represent the group.  To use an image in place of text create your image, upload it to the /CartGenie/Images folder, and then enter the image name in the Group Navbar Image field.


Q: What is the Category Navbar Image?

A: The Category Navbar Image allows you to use an image in the left navigation bar to represent the category.  To use an image in place of text create your image, upload it to the /CartGenie/Images folder, and then enter the image name in the Category Navbar Image field.


Q: What is the Category Display field?

A: The Category Display field controls whether a category and all its associated products should be displayed in your storefront.   

When set to Yes, the category name will be displayed in the Left Navigation Bar as long as there are products being displayed.




CartGenie Tip: How Do I Process an E-Gift Card Order?

In order to process E-Gift Cards in your storefront, you will want to make sure that your Send Gift Card Mail Template is customized is configured and ready to use.  Make sure that you do not overwrite any information within the brackets [  ] as this information is dynamically created for each order.  If you remove the information within the brackets, you email may be incomplete: EGiftCardMailTemplate
To process the E-Gift Card order and send the email to the recipient:
1.  Open the Order Manager and select the order.
2.  Process the order as normal by populating the Ship field and charging the credit card.
2.  In the line item detail, double click on the check mark under the P/G column to open the E-Gift Card Order Manager.
3.  The E-Gift Card Order Manager displays the details of the card, including the following:
a. Gift Card Number (A unique value generated by CartGenie at the time of the order)
b. Gift Card PIN (A 4 digit value generated by CartGenie at the time of the order)
c. Gift Card Expiration (Displayed if an expiration date has been configured)
d. To
e. From
f.  Recipient Email
g. Message to Recipient
4.   If all information is accurate, click the Send Email to send the E-Gift Card to the Recipient.



CartGenie Tip: How do I set-up an e-gift card

The holiday season is just around the corner – time to make sure that your customers can purchase the perfect gift for anyone – an e-Gift card!


Use the CartGenie E-Gift Card Manager to create your custom e-gift card to sell on your site, complete with your custom denominations!


Just populate the fields, save your changes and you are ready to sell!


CartGenie Tip: Item Manager

To add items, open the Product Navigator and navigate to the product that requires item numbers.  Click on the Item Manager button, populate the blank fields and click the Save button.

Item descriptions will be displayed in the Place Order Here list box on the main product information page.  Item numbers will be visible in the Shopping Cart.


Q: What is the Sort field?

A: The Sort field controls the order in which an Item will be listed in the Place Order Here box of the Web site.  This is an optional field that may be left blank.  If the field is left blank the sort is made using the Item Number.


Q: What is the Item Number field?

A: Identification value (word or number) for a specific product.  This is a required field.  You may assign multiple Item Numbers to a product but Item Numbers MUST be unique.


Q: What is the UPC field?

A: The UPC field is used to store the Universal Part Code for a part.  This is an optional field that may be left blank.


Q: What is the Description field?

A: This field is a short description of the item.  This is a required field.


Q: What are the Weight, Length, Height, and Width fields?

A: These fields define the actual weight & dimensions of an item and is used by the shipping calculator to determine shipping cost.  These fields are only editable when you have the Freight Calculator in the Profile Manager set to a shipping carrier.


Q: What is the Handling & Package fields?

A: The Handling field applies only when UPS is being used for shipping items.  When set to Yes, UPS includes an additional fee in the Rate displayed for a specific service because the item requires additional handling on the part of UPS.  For example, a package that would ship for $5.50 when Handling is set to No may ship for $6.20 when Handling is set to Yes.

Domestic shipments in the UPS system may be assessed an Additional Handling charge. This charge applies to the following:

* Any article that is encased in an outside shipping container made of metal or wood
* Any item, such as a barrel, drum, pail, or tire, that is not fully encased in a corrugated cardboard shipping container
* Any package with the longest side exceeding 60 inches or its second-longest side exceeding 30 inches
* Packages exceeding 70lbs in actual weight.

Certain Large Air Packages may be subject to the Additional Handling charge while designated Large Packages are exempt.

Additionally, UPS reserves the right to assess the Additional Handling charge for any package that, in UPS’s sole discretion, requires special handling.

This charge may be applied to all packages without regard to the service level selected.

The Packaging Type refers to the type of packaging that will be used to ship the item.  By default, the system assumes that the field will be set to Your Packaging.


Q: What is the Std. Cost field?

A: This field allows you to add the price that you pay for the item.  This information is optional and is never shown to your customers, but useful if you utilize the Sales Reports in CartGenie.


Q: What is the Flat Rate Freight field in the Item Manager

A: The Flat Rate Freight field defines the shipping cost that will be applied during the checkout process if the order has a ship-to destination in the USA (excluding AK and HI) and is requested to ship by ground transportation.   For all other shipping destinations, you must calculate the shipping cost and apply it to the order manually.

Note – You must set the Freight Calculator Type located in the Profile Manage to Flat Rate in order to enable the Flat Rate Freight amount.

CartGenie Tip: How do I add feature highlights to describe a product?

To add feature highlights, open the Product Manager and navigate to the product that requires feature highlights.  Select the Feature Manager button.  Populate the blank fields and click the Save button.


Feature highlights will be displayed on the main product information page below the product description.

*NOTE: To remove the bullets enter a forward slash “/” as the first character in the row if you do not want to display the bullet.