CartGenie Tip: Processing Online Orders

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In order to accept credit cards you need a shopping cart like CartGenie, an Internet Merchant Account, and a payment gateway.  A payment gateway is a system that validates a credit card during a transaction and transfers funds to your Internet Merchant Account.  An Internet Merchant Account is a bank account specifically designed for e-commerce transactions.  During an online transaction the shopping cart software (i.e. CartGenie) sends a request to the payment gateway provider asking it to verify that the credit card being used has sufficient funds to pay for the purchase.  If it does, the gateway handles the transaction details and transfers the funds into the merchant account.

How does credit card processing work? Understanding the backend mechanics of how a shopping cart, payment gateway, and an Internet Merchant Account work together can be a bit confusing. Below you’ll find a detailed explanation of how the cart, gateway, and merchant account all work together and why you need all three.  Steps 1 – 6 happen in a matter of seconds while steps 7 and 8 occur daily.

1. Your customer enters their credit card details and clicks submit. The Online Store (i.e. CartGenie) sends the encrypted credit card information to the Payment Gateway (i.e. iTransact).

2. The Payment Gateway submits the transaction to the Credit Card Interchange. All parties involved in the credit card transaction (i.e. 2. processors, acquirers, issuers and so on) manage the processing, clearing, and settlement of the credit card transaction. This is also known as Interchange.

3. The Credit Card Interchange sends the transaction to the customer’s credit card issuing bank to see if the customer has enough funds available on the card.

4. The Issuing Bank approves or declines the transaction and sends the transaction response back to the Credit Card Interchange.

5. The Credit Card Interchange sends the approve/decline response back to the Payment Gateway.

6. The Payment Gateway sends the approve/decline response back to the Online Store. If approved the order is accepted by the Online Store.  If declined the Online Store displays the reason for the decline.

7. If the transaction was approved Settlement occurs. Settlement is the process in which funds are transferred (after fulfillment) from the customer’s Card Issuing Bank to the merchants Internet Merchant Account (i.e. Payment Alliance). This process happens daily.

8. Your Internet Merchant Account transfers the payment to your normal Merchant Bank Account and you now have the funds. This process happens daily.

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Check out our partner, Payment Alliance, a leading online merchant account provider:



CartGenie Tip: Order Manager’s Adjustment Field

The Adjustment field enables you to make dollar adjustments to an order. Place a negative (-) in front of the amount in order to adjust a negative amount.


CartGenie Tip: Add a Reference to Google’s JQuery API

JQuery is a javascript library.  Google hosts copies of JQuery through their CDN that can be utilitzed to enhance the functionality of a Web site.  To utilize JQuery within CartGenie do the following:

1. Download and open the ExternalFileReferences.asp file located in the CartGenie folder of your Web site.
2. Add the reference to the JQuery library in the ExternalFileReferences.asp file. For example, if you were referencing JQuery 1.2.6 the reference would look like: <script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>
3. Save and upload the ExternalFileReferences.asp file back to the CartGenie folder.

You can now call JQuery within the storefront.  You can do so through various means, such as through Header.asp, Footer.asp, pg_CustomJavascript.js, pg_CustomCode.asp, or any other file that allows your own custom code.


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CartGenie Tip: Answer Fields

The answers field enables you to define specific answer options available to the shopper for a given question.  For example, if you input the question “How did you learn about us?” in Question 1 you could put “Web, Newspaper, Friend, Other” as the answer (Each answer option must be separated with a comma).  When the shopper views the question they will be able to select one of the predefined answer options you have created.

Note – If the answer field is left blank a blank text box is listed for the shopper to type their response.


CartGenie Tip: Custom Contact & Quote Forms

Create your custom contact & quote forms using the CartGenie FormTemplate.asp page!  Complete with captcha (so you know a human completed the form!), the FormTemplate.asp template helps you quickly build a form that can be added to your CartGenie site.

  • Add a custom page header
  • Add your own custom text & images
  • Identify the email address to send the completed form to
  • Add custom email subject line to emails from the page (this is especially handy if you have several different forms on your site and each one needs to go to a different department!)
  • Up to 30 fields, each customizable for your needs
  • Captcha built-in – to help prevent spam!














CartGenie Tip: Order Detail Sort

You can customize the sort order in which line items for an order are displayed within the the Order Detail of the Order Manager as well as the  Pick List, Invoice, and Accounting Receipt by using the Order Detail Sort interface.  Click the Order Detail Sort button within the Order Manager and use the Sort and Direction columns to control the sequence of line items.  For example, if you wanted to sort by Category and then Sub-Category you would enter a 1 beside Category and a 2 beside Sub-Category.


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Website Design Tip: Custom Landing Page

CartGenie and hosting clients:  You can dictate what page your site will land on when someone types in your URL by making this change in your Hosting Control Panel:

Login to WebstePanel control panel (, hover on the Web icon, click Web Sites, then select your site’s name.

In the Default Documents box you will see a list of possible landing page options.  When a customer types in your URL, your site will look for these page names (in order) in your files.  Once a valid page is found, that page is loading as the landing page for your site.

Verify that the name of your primary landing page is listed at the top of the list.

Note- if a customer types in your URL and a specific page name (such as, they will be taken to the default.asp page even though there may be other pages listed higher in Web Site Settings.


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DSA moved into the building in April 2007 and after many renovations they now house over 300 designs of Wind Spinners, have their own custom framing department and employ 10 people.

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