CartGenie Tip: What is the Display Sort Options field?

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The Display Sort Options field in CartGenie Desktop Engine’s Profile Manager enables the store owner to display a sort option box on the Product List page of the catalog.  When displayed, the shopper can sort the catalog by Name (Ascending/Descending) or by Price  (Ascending/Descending).


CartGenie Tip: What is the Sales Email field?

The Sales Email field in the Profile Manager is the location where all new order email alerts will be sent.  To have the New Order Alert emails sent to multiple addresses, separate the email addresses with a semicolon.


CartGenie Tip: What is the Customer Service Email field?

The CS Email is the email address for Customer Service.  This email address is displayed for any customer contact related inquiries.


Access Day – Redmond WA is Almost Here!

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Don’t miss out on the last Access Day of 2014!  Thursday, November 6th in Redmond WA, Luke Chung, Andy Tabisz, Tim Getsch, Jeff Conrad, and Armen Stein will present interesting and innovative techniques to help you utilize Access.

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CartGenie Tip: Payment Gateways

CartGenie is configured to integrate with many popular payment gateways.  Setup is easy and secure!


CartGenie Tip: Display Promo Box

The Display Promo Box field in the Profile Manager allows you to allow or prevent customers from adding promo code discounts to their orders.

When set to Yes, the Promo Box will display on the cart page.  Customers can then enter pre-determined promo codes that you have provided them to get discounts off their order.




CartGenie Tip: What is the Default Sub-Category Layout Field?

The Default Sub-Category Layout box is used to define the page layout for the sub-category page.  By default, the box is set to “List”.  In List mode sub-categories are displayed in a vertical orientation (i.e. down the page).  In Grid mode sub-categories are displayed in a horizontal orientation (i.e. across the page).  Each Grid option lists the number of sub-categories that will be displayed across the page.  For example, Grid (3) means that three sub-categories will be displayed across and then another three would be displayed below it and so on.




GRID:  SubCat1

CartGenie Tip: What is the Send Alert for Account Set-up?


CartGenie enables you to be notified when a new account is created on your site.  This is controlled by the “Send Alert for Account Set-up” field in CartGenie Desktop Engine’s Profile Manager.  When set to Yes, an email message will be sent to your customer service email address with the customer contact information.

Access Day Sponsor – FMS




A bit THANK YOU to FMS for being a sponsor of Access Day – Redmond, WA.  What can make FMS even more awesome?  They are picking up the tab on the first round of drinks at the after-event social!

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CartGenie Tip: Request Phone & Company Name For New Users

The “Request Phone #  for New Users” and “Request Company  for New Users” fields in CartGenie Desktop Engine’s Profile Manager allow you to require that the a phone number  and company name field be populated when a customer signs up for a new account.  RequestWhen these fields are set to yes, the customer will be prompted to provide this information to create an account.