CartGenie Tip: What is the Send Alert for Account Set-up?

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CartGenie enables you to be notified when a new account is created on your site.  This is controlled by the “Send Alert for Account Set-up” field in CartGenie Desktop Engine’s Profile Manager.  When set to Yes, an email message will be sent to your customer service email address with the customer contact information.

Access Day Sponsor – FMS




A bit THANK YOU to FMS for being a sponsor of Access Day – Redmond, WA.  What can make FMS even more awesome?  They are picking up the tab on the first round of drinks at the after-event social!

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CartGenie Tip: Request Phone & Company Name For New Users

The “Request Phone #  for New Users” and “Request Company  for New Users” fields in CartGenie Desktop Engine’s Profile Manager allow you to require that the a phone number  and company name field be populated when a customer signs up for a new account.  RequestWhen these fields are set to yes, the customer will be prompted to provide this information to create an account.


Access Day – Meet The Presenter – Armen Stein



Founder and president of J Street Technology, Armen Stein, will be presenting at our upcoming Access Day – Redmond, WA!  Be sure to register soon (Conference is Thursday, November 6th).

Learn more about Armen at

CartGenie Tip – What is the Display Terms/Conditions Field?

The Display Terms/Conditions field in the Profile Manager allows you to require that your customers agree to your terms and conditions prior to completing checkout on your site.


When the Display Terms/Conditions field is set to Yes a check box will be present on the first checkout page.  Your customers must check the box before proceeding, indicating that they agree to your terms.  Customers can click on the “Review Now” to read your terms.


T&CYou can add your specific terms and conditions in the TermsConditions.asp file found in your remote files.  Use your FTP program to download the TermsConditions.asp file to your computer, add your terms and conditions and upload your changes back to your remote files.

Access Day – Meet The Presenter – Tim Getsch


Founder and CEO of, Tim Getsch will be presenting at our upcoming Access Day – Redmond WA!  Learn more about Tim at

Access Day – Meet The Presenter – Luke Chung

FMS AccessDayImage

We are excited that Luke Chung will be presenting at Access Day Redmond, WA in November!

Learn more about Luke at

CartGenie Tip: Enable Auto Cart Display

The Enable Auto Cart Display controls the display of items in the Place Order Here box according to item availability.  In order to use this feature the merchant must utilize the Inventory Manager to accurately control the quantity on hand (QOH).  When the QOH is greater than zero the item will be displayed in the Place Order Here box.  When the QOH reaches zero the item will no longer be displayed in the Place Order Here box.


Access Day – Meet The Presenter – Andy Tabisz


We are pleased to have Andy Tabisz as a presenter at Access Day Redmond, WA on Thursday, November 6, 2014!

CartGenie Tip: Shipping/Handling Fee

The Shipping/Handling Fee is the amount that will be added to all orders.  The fee is included in the Shipping & Handling amount charged to the customer.

To enable this feature one the Profile Manager in CartGenie Desktop Engine.  Add the fee to the Shipping/Handling Fee field and click Save:ShippingHandling