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FREE Developer Downloads: Cool Tools

A sampler of labor-saving code and cool usability enhancements. Includes QuickDate, a “Quicken-style” method of using keys to increment date fields by day, week, month and year, and some handy name and address concatenation functions. Comes with a form demonstrating most of the tools – look in the code for more! Access MDB, 48k.

Stopping Unsolicited Mail, Phone Calls, and Email

Here is a terrific article (with helpful links!) provided by the The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the nation’s consumer protection agency. Stopping Unsolicited Mail, Phone Calls, and Email

FREE Developer Download: Converting Flat Files into a Relational Access Database

  This is the PowerPoint slideshow that Armen Stein, President of J Street, presented to the KEGS Access SIG. It shows how to tackle the problem of converting old “flat” data (from Excel, text or wherever) to your relational Access tables. Includes a sample database showing the techniques mentioned in the slides. PowerPoint, Access MDB, […]

J Street SQL Tools

Have you ever wanted a simple way to modify part of a SQL Statement in your VBA code? With these J Street functions, you can easily replace the Where and Order By clauses of any SQL Statement. This enables you to reuse query definitions, manipulate rowsource properties, and use passthrough queries with more flexibility. Leave […]

Internet Renewal Services SCAM

A J Street team member received this letter and although we immediately knew that this was a scam, it got us thinking about how many people may believe that this is REAL.  We wanted to help get the word out to everyone of this SCAM so share this far and wide! This is a pretty […]

SmarterStats Tip – Viewing Your Advanced Web Statistics

All CartGenie subscriptions and web hosting packages include free Advanced Web Stats using SmarterStats, and it is easy to use:                       1. Log in to 2. Select Web> Advanced Web Statistics 3.  Add a Statistics Site if not already done 4. Click View Statistics […]

Protecting Yourself From Hackers

There are stories in the news practically every day – someone’s personal data falls into the wrong hands and BAM! that poor person is left dealing with unnecessary headaches while they try to undo the damage. At the worst, your bank account or other financial records are compromised, affecting your credit and possible loss of […]

How to Use Images in Your Link Building Campaigns

Here is a terrific article on using images in your link building campaigns:

Keeping Your Passwords Safe

We all have several passwords we have to remember – bank accounts, merchant accounts, log ins, email – the list goes on. If your passwords are stolen, you can spend a great deal of time (and money!) securing your vital accounts… How are you keeping your passwords safe?  Do you have them in a document, […]

Setting Up A Blog

Terrific article on choosing the correct blog platform: