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Stopping Unsolicited Mail, Phone Calls, and Email

Here is a terrific article (with helpful links!) provided by the The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the nation’s consumer protection agency. Stopping Unsolicited Mail, Phone Calls, and Email

FREE Developer Download: Converting Flat Files into a Relational Access Database

  This is the PowerPoint slideshow that Armen Stein, President of J Street, presented to the KEGS Access SIG. It shows how to tackle the problem of converting old “flat” data (from Excel, text or wherever) to your relational Access tables. Includes a sample database showing the techniques mentioned in the slides. PowerPoint, Access MDB, […]

J Street SQL Tools

Have you ever wanted a simple way to modify part of a SQL Statement in your VBA code? With these J Street functions, you can easily replace the Where and Order By clauses of any SQL Statement. This enables you to reuse query definitions, manipulate rowsource properties, and use passthrough queries with more flexibility. Leave […]

Internet Renewal Services SCAM

A J Street team member received this letter and although we immediately knew that this was a scam, it got us thinking about how many people may believe that this is REAL.  We wanted to help get the word out to everyone of this SCAM so share this far and wide! This is a pretty […]

CartGenie Tip: What is the Business Account field under Payment Method Options?

When checked, the Business Account field gives the specified customer the option of having their order billed to their business account with your company.  During checkout, they will be prompted whether they wish to pay by credit card or have it billed to their business account.  If they select their business account, the Order Manager […]

CartGenie Tip: What is Items per Page Options?

The Items per Page Options field allows the store owner to display a selection box that enables the customer to choose how many products they want to view on the Product List page. For example, entering 2,3,4 would allow the shopper to choose whether they wanted to 2, 3, or 4 products at a time.

CartGenie Tip – What is the Display Terms/Conditions Field?

The Display Terms/Conditions field in the Profile Manager allows you to require that your customers agree to your terms and conditions prior to completing checkout on your site. When the Display Terms/Conditions field is set to Yes a check box will be present on the first checkout page.  Your customers must check the box before […]

CartGenie Tip: Enable Express Ordering

The Enable Express Order feature allows the merchant to display a page that allows the shopper to add multiple items to their cart at one time. When set to Yes, a link to the Express Order page will be displayed at the top of the Product List page as well as in the Place Order […]

CartGenie Tip: Display Check Availability Field

The Check Availability field in the CartGenie Desktop Engine Profile Manager enables you to control who has the ability to check product availability on your Web site.  Visitors can view availability by selecting the “Check Availability” list box on the main product information page. No – The Check Availability box is never displayed to any […]

CartGenie Tip: What is the URL Link field in the Product Manager?

The URL Link is a website address.  There are two ways that a merchant can enter a url link. Option 1 –  A merchant can enter a url simply using the url itself  (i.e.    When populated with this format a hyperlink will appear below the description on the main product information page and display […]