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Armen Presents “Start Your Project Right” in Denver, CO June 5th

Armen will be presenting his topic “Start Your Project Right” June 5th at DAAUG to conclude his Spring world tour for that topic that included Vienna, London and Portland. Check out for more details.

Access Day – March 8, 2018 – Redmond, WA

Luke Chung will discuss tips and techniques for applying form features that are functional and maintainable at Access Day on March 8, 2018 in Redmond, WA. There is still time to register for this event – $25 gets you access (pun intended) to 7 Access experts discussing a wide range of related topics! For more […]

Armen’s Thoughts – The Cone of Silence

The Cone of Silence When you really need to focus, there’s no substitute for being uninterruptible.    

J Street SQL Tools

Have you ever wanted a simple way to modify part of a SQL Statement in your VBA code? With these J Street functions, you can easily replace the Where and Order By clauses of any SQL Statement. This enables you to reuse query definitions, manipulate rowsource properties, and use passthrough queries with more flexibility. Leave […]

CartGenie Tip: Adding Multiple Images to a Product Page

Q: What is the Image Description field in the Image Manager? A: The Image Manager enables you to add additional images to the product information page of your Web site.  When you enter additional images, links to the images are displayed below the main product image.   When a customer clicks on a link, a pop-up […]

CartGenie Tip: Payment Manager (Accepting Credit Cards & Other Payment Methods)

CartGenie enables you to determine which credit cards and other payment options your business will accept though the Payment Manager. I.  Adding Credit Cards: Open the Payment Manager and populate the fields under Credit Card Options.  The credit cards that you enter will be displayed during Step 2 of the checkout process on your Web […]

CartGenie Tip: Custromizing Fonts & Colors

The CartGenie Storefront supports custom colors and fonts on every page of the storefront through the use of Cascading Style Sheets. In order to change colors and fonts, open the file called “cartgenie.css” in a standard Web authoring tool or Notepad and adjust colors and fonts for the various CartGenie Classes.  The cartgenie.css file is […]

CartGenie Tip: Country Manager

CartGenie enables you to determine which countries your business will ship product to. Open the Country Manager and set the Display field to Yes for those countries that you wish to do business with.

CartGenie Tip: Group Field in Category Manager

The Group field in the Category Manager enables you to classify categories into sections within the left navigation bar.  When a group name is entered, the name will be displayed as a header above the first category in the group. * Note – The Group field is optional.  If the group is left blank, the […]

CartGenie Tip: Reviews Manager

The Reviews Manager displays the product reviews that have been submitted by your customers.  By default, reviews are Not Approved and must be screened by your company.  If you do not wish display the review you can leave the Approved column set to No or delete the review. Reviews Manager Glossary: Date: The date that […]