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J Street Case Study: Bellevue Botanical Garden

We design and create a LOT of databases for a variety of clients and we end up with some really interesting projects! One of these is the database for Bellevue Botanical Garden.  We built a custom database allows everyone to search and explore their garden online!  Check out the Case Study here.

J Street Developer Download: Access Security Basics

Access Security Basics Access User Level Security (ULS) has been deprecated for the ACCDB file format, but many people are still using ULS for their legacy Access MDB applications. Here is a PowerPoint slide deck that Armen Stein, President of J Street and Access MVP, has presented to Access user groups. It describes various approaches […]

J Street Buzz – The Lottery Problem

The latest edition of the J Street Buzz is out!   J Street Buzz – The Lottery Problem

Developer Download: The Best of Both Worlds: Access-SQL Server Optimization

The Best of Both Worlds: Access-SQL Server Optimization: Access can be used to build great front-end applications for SQL Server databases, as long as you know how to optimize for performance. This slide deck shows you the basics of using Access as a client-server application so that you can leverage the full power of […]

Happy New Year!

A new year means new beginnings! Need help making your business as efficient and effective as it can be with a new database for your data? Need help updating your existing system? Contact us – we can help!

J Street’s Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest!

We are a creative group here at J Street – after all, we DO build custom systems! Our creativity shows not only in our work, but in our play, too!  At our Ugly Christmas Sweater contest this past week ALL of the entries were custom (no off-the-shelf sweaters for us!)! Mike, our Project Manager, won […]

Free Developer Download: User Interface Guidelines

User Interface Guidelines Also known as “Beauty Is Only Skin Deep, But It Gets You Asked To Dance!” It’s our approach to designing consistent, professional-looking forms. Word, 64K.

Case Study: Teck Resources

We love that we get to work with a vast array of clients on projects of all types!  Here is a case study on the SiteLine project that we built for Teck Resources.

Developer Download: Data Dictionary Report Utility

Data Dictionary Report Utility Can’t get the built-in Access database documentation tools to give you the simple report you want? Here’s the answer. This utility documents all the tables and fields in your database, linked or local, including field descriptions! Access MDB, 44k.  

Armen’s Thoughts – The Cone of Silence

The Cone of Silence When you really need to focus, there’s no substitute for being uninterruptible.