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CartGenie Tip: Search Engine Meta Data – Product Manager

Q: What is the Title Tag? A: The Title Tag refers to the html <title> tag that is found in a Web page.  The information contained in this tag is displayed at the top of a Web browser when viewing a Web page. Search engines use the title tag as the name of the Web […]

SEO: Leveraging Bing’s Pinterest Integration

Are you using Pinterest to promote your products?  Here is a terrific article detailing Bing’s Pinterest Integration:

Setting Up A Blog

Terrific article on choosing the correct blog platform:

5 Reasons Not to Ignore Google+

Great article on the benefits of utilizing Google+:

Google Tweaks Algorithm to Push Down Low-Quality Sites

The New York Times had an article last week on a development in web search that may have an impact on e-commerce merchants: Google Tweaks Algorithm to Push Down Low-Quality Sites. This major change in Google’s algorithm will essentially demote links to low-quality “content farms” which, in the past, have gamed Google’s algorithm to appear […]