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J Street Buzz – No Is My Second Favorite Answer

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J Street Buzz – Measure Twice, Code Once.

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J Street featured in first Microsoft Tech Community customer success story in North America

We’re excited to be featured on Microsoft’s Tech Community blog, with its first publication of an Access customer success story in North America! We built a custom Access/SQL Server application for MinnTex Citrus to help them grow their business, and they are delighted with the results.
Our J Street president Armen Stein and Microsoft Access team members Michal Bar (Sr. Program Manager) and Shane Groff (Software Design Engineer) visited MinnTex Citrus to see their operation and the new system in action.

New Phishing Attempts

Here are the latest attempts at phishing that our team has received.  Funny how poorly these are written considering these scammers are trying to get your personal information.

J Street Buzz – It Shouldn’t Hurt Anything

Drawn by our own Joe Kane!

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Another Phishing Scam!

Hackers are always trying new ways to trick you in to giving them your personal information!  Here’s the latest to come across our path.

In this first image you can see that the email looks pretty legit.  Even the “sender’s” email address is valid.


But if you hover on the link to “review” the document you will see that the URL does not point directly to OneDrive’s REAL URL!

Armen Presents “Start Your Project Right” in Denver, CO June 5th

Armen will be presenting his topic “Start Your Project Right” June 5th at DAAUG to conclude his Spring world tour for that topic that included Vienna, London and Portland.

Check out AccessDay.org for more details.

J Street Buzz – The Inertia of Names

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Phishing Scam

An example of a VERY BAD attempt at phishing!  Notice all of the hyperlink URLs – NONE of the links [point to OneDrive.  And they signed the email OneDriveS!!!