CartGenie Tip: Backorder Report

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Using the CartGenie Backorder Report you can see all of your orders and items that are on backorder.

To review your Backorder Report, open CartGenie Desktop Engine and go to Orders> Back Orders:


CartGenie Merchant Showcase:

CartGenie Merchant uses the New Products feature available in the Profile Manager.


The New Products page dynamically displays a list of categories and sub-categories where new products have been added to CartGenie within the past 30 days.  This is a dynamic feature, which means no action is required by the CartGenie administrator in order to determine which products are considered new.

When the field is set to Yes, a link called New Products will appear in the top Navigation Bar which takes the user to the New Products page.  When set to No, the link will not be displayed.



CartGenie Tip: Customization Manager

The CartGenie Desktop Engine Customization Manager allows you to define certain aspects of your site in just a few clicks!

In the Customization Manager you can add images to your top nav and left nav menus, add custom Order Checkout fields, define the width and height of your storefront, and a lot more:


CartGenie Tip: Adding Your Company Logo to Customer Receipts

You can quickly add a company logo to the receipt  your customer prints from their Account page:

1. Create a logo file and name it ReceiptCompanyLogo.gif.
2. Upload the logo file to the CartGenie/images folder of your ftp site.

Your customer receipts will now display the logo.



CartGenie Tip: Assigning Tax Rates by State & Country

CartGenie enables you to determine the tax rates for each state in the USA and the tax rate for a country.  Tax rates are applied during checkout and are applied based upon the ship-to location for an order.

For example, if you wanted to apply sales tax for orders shipped to New York but no other states, you would enter the tax rate beside New York and set the tax rate to zero for all other states.

International Orders:
If you wish to charge sales tax on international orders, you must define the countries you will ship-to in the Country Manager by setting the display for those countries to Yes.  Next, enter the tax rates for each country and select Save.


Access VBA Tip: The Extra Resume

Check out this helpful tip for using an Extra Resume statement in your code:

Armen Stein, president of J Street Technology, will be discussing more tips like this at the upcoming Access Day 2014 conference in Irvine, CA next month!  To learn more about this informative 1-day conference, check out


Microsoft Ending Support of Windows XP

If you are still using Windows XP operating system this will affect you:

After 12 years, support for Windows XP will end on April 8, 2014. There will be no more security updates or technical support for the Windows XP operating system. It is very important that customers and partners migrate to a modern operating system… Read more

CartGenie Tip: Enabling Payment Options

CartGenie enables you to determine which credit cards and other payment options your business will accept though the Payment Manager.

I.  Adding Credit Cards:
Open the Payment Manager and populate the fields under Credit Card Options.  The credit cards that you enter will be displayed during Step 2 of the checkout process on your Web site.

1.  Card Name: The type of card (Visa, MasterCard, etc.)
2.  Display:  When set to Yes, the card will be displayed as an acceptable form of payment.
3.  Card Id Required:  When set to Yes, the unique Id for the card must be provided during checkout.

II.  Enabling Additional Payment Options:
Open the Payment Manager and place a check mark beside the payment options that you wish to enable under the Additional Payment Options section.  Additional payment options include: In Store/Will Call, Check/Money Order, COD, Phone/Fax.  The additional payment options selected will be displayed during checkout along with the default payment option which is credit card.


CartGenie Merchant Showcase:

Big Summer Golf Card’s CartGenie site ( allows their customers to purchase golf cards that allow the holder to play on many Florida courses at a discounted price.

BSGC customers can quickly place an order for these cards for themselves, or as a gift.  Once the order is submitted, the purchaser receives an email that serves as a temporary card until the physical card arrives in the mail.



Professional Access 2013 Programming Door Prize at Access Day Conference

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ProAcc2013ProAt our upcoming April 16th Access Day conference in Irvine, CA, one lucky attendee will receive a copy of Professional Access 2013 Programming, with an inscription by the lead author!